When it comes to diet, we need to ensure the right proportion of the macros (Protein, Carbohydrate, Fats) in our body supported by the vitamins. Any of the macros in excessive does need diet balance too or sometimes medicated drugs . We need to ensure we maintain the right ratio as per our activity level during the day. Hence diet also has some basics to follow and mentioned below are few easy diet tips to lose weight or be healthy:

1.Add Whole Grains: Go with whole grain. The whole grain foods have naturally nutritious benefits such as highfiber content, which is a needed support for our digestive system.

2.Eat more Green Veggies : Inclusion of fresh green leafy vegetables is a must in our diet as they are rich in minerals, vitamins and carbohydrate.

3.Dairy: Dairy products have been an essential supplier of protein and calcium to our body. Apart from these some are also good in pro-biotic elements.

4.Fruits: Fresh fruits aid to our healthy skin and hydration of our cells.

5.No to Carbonated beverages: Regular colas and sodas contain calories which are not right for our metabolism cycle. The sugar in them also affects our health map.

6.Avoid Fried Snacks: Regular chips, traditional samosas, vada-pav, bhajia etc. are too addictive but they are one of the heaviest on calories and saturated fats.

7.Less Sweets: We all love sweets but they are known to cause insulin fluctuations when consumed above moderation. They also impact the immune system when consumed in excess. Hence sugar check is a vital step to good health.

8.Excess Salt: The usage of excessive salts in our foods is not too healthy either. Excess salts increase blood pressure, water retention and sometimes also affect the kidneys and bone density.

9.Plenty of Water: It is the most vital substance in our diet. Every cell in our body needs water in order to function appropriately. It also contains zilch calories, so you never have to worry.

10.Caffeine: Moderation of caffeine is necessary as excess of it results in sleep disorders and digestive problems.

We want a healthier and happier us at the end of every day and to achieve it we need to follow the right lifestyle routine, the right diet plan and the balanced exercise routine.
It is a challenge to change our dietfast, hence the easiest and most effective way to do it is to make a small change at a time. Maintaining that consistent change will help us reach our fitness and health goals in a linear motion. Following it soon we will be making wisechoices by habit and enjoying optimal health.